3 Reasons Why Playoff Baseball Is Better Than You Think [LIST]

At Lakewood Group (Edina, MN) we have a few avid baseball fans. They’ve been hyping up the playoffs for quite some time now, but a lot of us here aren’t quite sold yet. We thought we’d at least hear what they had to say. All in all, their reasons were very compelling.

To share a few:

The Weather

October is a great month for baseball. The days aren’t too long which means a lot of games are played under the lights. Any real sports fan will tell you how different a night game is under the lights. It adds an extra layer of competitiveness and there’s nothing else like it. October also offers great weather for baseball. It’s not scorching hot outside, but it’s not cold enough for extra layers. If you end up going to the stadium to catch a game, weather shouldn’t be a problem.


The Atmosphere

The great part about baseball is that almost every pitch has significance. When the games are as important as they are, you’ll be on the edge of your seat for the entire length of the game. The crowd gets into every pitch and anytime there’s a play the crowd goes wild. That’s what makes baseball so great, you have the chance to get out of your seat and cheer or clap after every pitch. You’re almost guaranteed to be invested for the entirety of the game.


The Length

Baseball season is longer than any other sport in terms of games played. While the regular season for football only consists of 16 games over a 17-week span (bye-week), a standard baseball season is 162 games over roughly a 6-month span. Thus, the playoffs hold particular significance. After such a long and grueling season, it can quickly end in a few short games. The playoffs are short and can quickly nullify a great season. Essentially each game has 162 regular season games riding on it, which is about twice as much as any other major sport (hockey and basketball play 82 regular season games).


Not everyone is as excited about baseball as we are here at Lakewood Group, but we sure do make a strong case for it. There truly is nothing like playoff baseball so come October, we’ll be watching.


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