3 Things to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving [LIST]

We all have a lot to be thankful for here at Lakewood Group. Our business is thriving, our people are getting promoted, and our clients are loving our work. (Go team!) When life is good, it’s easy to forget how fortunate you are so we thought we’d take a step back to reflect.

Lakewood Group tries to live and operate as a family. While we are very fortunate to be in this position, there are many other things to be thankful for. It’s almost impossible to name every single thing that has positively influenced your life but there are a few important things we believe deserve to be noticed.

Lakewood Group


A family isn’t something you pick. You’re stuck with the one you have. But, no matter what happens, your family will always have your back. There’s a sense of security and comfort in knowing that you will be loved unconditionally by a group of people. It’s important that people know this and maybe re-evaluate how they perceive their family members. Not every family member will always get along, but deep down, they’ll always be there for you.



Unlike family, friends are people you have the luxury of picking. They too (if they’re true friends) will always have your back but don’t have the obligation to do so. This means that everything they do for you is out of love and generosity. Your friends are with you through your highs and lows and know you better than anyone in the world. Sometimes we forget to thank our friends and tell them how amazing they are, so make an effort to remind them this Thanksgiving.



Out of all the things to be thankful for, our health is probably the most overlooked. Most of us are healthier than the majority of the world’s population. That alone is something to be thankful for. But, we not only have healthy bodies, but we have access to treatment and medicine most of the world doesn’t have access to. Being able to wake up healthy everyday isn’t a right, its a privilege. It’s important to take a step back and appreciate how fortunate we are to have our health.


All of us at Lakewood Group understand the importance of giving thanks. Understanding and appreciating the positive influences in your life are imperative to being happy. While sometimes we forget to say it, we are all very thankful.


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